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November Newsletter and Gift Offer

Evangelistic Outreach Ministries: Attitude of Gratitude

“Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.” (Psalm 100:4)

This month we are focusing on the word “gratitude.” While Jesus was on this earth, He made it a point to thank those who do their part. The Apostle Paul also took the time to thank his fellow laborers for their service to the Lord. Our ministry would also like to take a moment to thank you for your love and kindness to us. I know it seems cliché but we truly do not have the words to express our gratitude.

November Gift Offer

Evangelistic Outreach: November Gift Offer.

One of the ways we would like to show our appreciation is to extend to you the opportunity to order this month’s free gift offer. Eddie Roush was born in the coal fields of WV. God’s grace has enabled him to share the Gospel in many ways. This poem book is intended to paint a picture in words of the goodness and blessings of the Lord. There is a limited supply and we encourage you to order your free copy today! Click here or fill out the form below.

Evangelistic Outreach Ministries: Jamaica
Evangelistic Outreach Ministries: Jamaica

We also have a couple big projects underway to help those in need. Not only here in America, but internationally. This ministry has a heartbeat for missions! The missionary outreach started forty years ago, when our late Founder, Calvin Evans, joined Dr. Homer Willis on a trip to Jamaica. The vision of the ministry was changed forever after that trip. The focus was sharpened to do all we could to reach the lost in other countries. Recently, we heard from one of the local pastors in Jamaica. Evangelistic Oureach had helped him get his ministry education so as to serve better in his country. One of the churches he pastors is in desperate need of a new roof. It will cost $5,000 to finish the project and allow them to return to their sanctuary to worship. We have committed to do all we can to help them. By faith, we have launched out to make sure funds will be provided for this cause. We hope you will pray about sending a special gift for MISSIONS this month to help these wonderful people. Life is so difficult in this part of their nation. They really need and would appreciate your assistance. Click here to donate. Thank you.

Evangelistic Outreach Ministries: Food Basket Project

 Second, we will soon begin our largest home mission project of the year. The Food Basket Project touches thousands of people in need right here in America. There are so many good people counting on our help. For every $25 we raise we can complete a food basket with a value of nearly $75, at least. The food baskets value well over $100 for larger families. Food items have been donated and the money you donate helps purchase items to complete the basket. Also, we have several outlets to reach thousands of folks in need this coming Christmas. Contact us today for more information at (800) 767-8713 or click here to donate securely! Thank you.

Finally, we want to thank you for your attendance in our revival meetings. We are maintaining a busy schedule the next few weeks. Please check our meetings page! We would love to worship with you!

Giving Thanks,

Brian Baer

Please call our office at 800–767–8713 to reconfirm our schedule or for directions.
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