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June Newsletter and Gift Offer

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Below is an excerpt from a recent newsletter published by our director, Calvin Ray Evans:

“It is amazing what can happen in a short span of time. Since writing to you last month, we have faced so many challenges and experienced such great blessings.

On April 22nd, my wife, Kandi, passed out unexpectedly and fell. She sustained two brain bleeds as a result of the fall and other injuries to her face. Her condition was serious enough for them to immediately transport her by helicopter to a Trauma Hospital Unit in Columbus, Ohio.

We praise the Lord the bleeding stopped in a relatively short period of time. On her second day in the trauma unit, they took her to the operating room and performed extensive surgery to repair her injuries.

I realize many of you are already aware of the series of events. Still, there are a number of you who may not have known what we have been going through. So, we wanted to update you and most importantly thank everyone who prayed for her. She is a miracle! God has been so good to us and we want to praise HIM for what He has done. We love and appreciate all of you dearly and could never express our deepest thanks for your prayers and support.

Brian was able to fill in for me in services I had scheduled. I appreciate the understanding of every church I was scheduled to preach in and sure thank Brian and the staff for picking up the load for us. When I am unable to travel and attend meetings it impacts the support of the ministry. All of this happening at the start of summer has been a challenge. We know God will provide the funds needed for this work of the Lord to continue to grow and reach others.”

I normally don’t share that length of information, but felt it important for you, our precious friends, to know what has been happening. Currently, Kandi is healing well and back to work. Your continued prayers as so appreciative. We love you and thank God for you!

Our Gift to You!

Evangelistic Outreach: June Gift offer 

The Smoky Mountain Camp Meeting was anointed, powerful and timely. We have a couple of sermons from that meeting included in this month’s free gift offer entitled, “The Confessing Church.” This sermon from Calvin Ray ends with one of the most powerful illustrations I have ever heard in a message. You will not want to miss out on this amazing free offer. Also included is a message from myself entitled, “This Is Only a Test,” as well as, singing from Hoy Duncan and the Duncan Family. It is available on DVD or Audio CD, free of charge. Fill out the form or contact our office today at (800) 767-8713.

Summer is heating up in more ways than one. We are in some special services and camp meetings this month. Be sure to check our meetings page and if we are in your area, be sure to worship with us!

Please take the time to read over our annual history report. The Lord has been so good to us and we are amazed at the number of souls saved this past year and the thousands of families we were able to help. There is no way this is possible without the Lord and you! May God pour His richest blessings on you and your family!

Until He Comes,

Brian Baer

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