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February Newsletter and Gift Offer

Evangelistic Outreach: His Ways Are Not Our Ways

This ministry has always put our trust in the Lord to lead and guide us. We also understand that His course of direction may require immediate changes. Our director, Calvin Ray Evans, wrote this in a recent article:

“We know many of our friends have become faithful viewers of our television broadcast on Uplift TV Network. A few days ago, we were made aware the network abruptly sold their channel to another company. This meant our final program would air the last Sunday of January.

Immediately, we began to pray and our Christian representative started looking for a good potential place to air the program. GOD ANSWERED PRAYER! Effective on Sunday, February 2nd, you will now be able to watch Evangelistic Outreach every week on CTN at 9am! This network airs on both DISH and DIRECT TV. In addition, they have a number of stations they own in cities across the nation. Many of the those cities are places where we minister in meetings every year.”

Below is the information for viewing the CTN network. Always know you can watch us online, weekly on our YouTube Channel!

Evangelistic Outreach: Christian Television Network

February is another busy month and we will be in several different churches. We sure hope you will be able to worship with us and come and enjoy some wonderful churches in America. View our meetings schedule for this February.

Life has a way of throwing some curves and at times we think it is something we have done. However, life just happens to us all. Thankfully, we have the Word of God to give us hope in dark times. Calvin Ray has two tremendous messages that will be an encouragement to you. This month’s gift offer is called, “We Have a Book.” Included are two sermons, “We Have a Book” & “Things That Have Happened.” It is available on DVD or Audio CD. Just fill out the form and we will return the offer to you promptly. Just contact us on this home page through the online form or call our office at (800) 767-8713.

Evangelistic Outreach: Gift Offer 

Our Gift to You!

Evangelistic Outreach: Brian Baer

Please call our office at 800–767–8713 to reconfirm our schedule or for directions.
OOur office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm EST.

Evangelistic Outreach: Smoky Mountain Camp Meeting

Evangelistic Outreach: Listen anywhere, anytime.

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