Evangelistic Outreach Ministries

Things You Need
to Know About Our Ministry

Brian Baer & Calvin Ray Evans (Click for High Resolution Photo)As good stewards of the gifts a ministry receives, it is a duty to keep the public informed about the procedures followed when they support a work of the Lord. We feel it is important to maintain the highest level of ethics and integrity in financial matters. The accountability we have is two-fold. First, to those who support this outreach because they have a right to know what happens when they send their money to this or any other ministry. Second, we know we will answer to the Lord in judgment for the way we spend the money entrusted to us. For these reasons, we wish to disclose some valuable procedures that have been in place for many years now with Evangelist Outreach.

I. Privacy – We want our friends to know that their gifts remain in strictest confidence. We never sell our mailing list to any other organization. We do not share your information with others. All support to this ministry is maintained on a "stand alone" basis. By that, we want people to know that the system we use to record gifts is never exposed to any other business. Also, the computer we use is never "online." This prevents anyone from having access to our files or being able to "hack" into our system. So your gift is secure and confidential at all times. Our employees never discuss donations received to anyone else to protect your privacy. Finally, we do not telemarket or give personal information to any other company to do likewise. In short, the information you send to us remains with us. Your privacy is protected to the utmost of our ability. You have honored us by giving to this ministry and we never want to do anything to complicate your life in any way.

II. Promptness – Let’s face it! When you give to a ministry then you deserve the best possible service and attention to your needs. WE RECEIPT AND ACKNOWLEDGE ALL MAIL RECEIVED UNLESS YOU REQUEST OTHERWISE! We do our best to have same day turnaround on all our mail if at all possible with the exception of holidays and weekends. Our staff works at the greatest efficient speed to assure prompt attention to your requests. Through the years, we have heard from hundreds of friends who were amazed at the quick response they received for their donations. It breaks my heart when I hear that people support others who they never hear from. I do not believe the Lord is pleased when people in ministry fail to thank their supporters adequately and quickly. There is no excuse for people to receive funds without expressing gratitude and letting folks know where their gifts are going! Ethically it is not right to overlook this important part of ministry. Jesus always expressed thanks and encouraged others to do the same. We want you to know your gift is important to us regardless of the amount. Every dollar is needed and appreciated and you deserve to hear that. I have personally supported vast numbers of ministries who fail to acknowledge gifts and it is very inappropriate. By writing back to you, then there is never any doubt that your gift was received safely. Also, if you ever fail to hear from us in a prompt amount of time then please call us at toll free at 1-800-767-8713. We will do all we can to assist you in any way. Your gifts to this ministry are tax-deductible. If you need a yearly statement of your giving, please let us know. Sometimes it is more convenient to have an annual statement of giving instead of saving your receipts for an entire year. Without you there is no ministry! You have blessed us and we want to be a blessing to you as well.

III. Policy – Let me break down some simple policies we follow in the ministry that I hope will help you understand our outreach goals:

A. We promise to maintain a level of great integrity among our peers. To pay our bills on time and ensure accountability for the money which is entrusted to us. We do so by answering to a Board of Directors comprised of a majority of non-salaried and non-family members. Also, we are a member of the National Religious Broadcasters and the Christian Stewardship Association. We promise to spend all designated giving for the purpose you intended it to be used. We do not charge any administrative fees to our special missionary projects. When you send your money for a specific purpose that is exactly where it will go. However, we feel it necessary to keep you aware of the fact that we have no “Trust Fund” or contingency account to support this action. We do all of this from our “General Fund.” That is why it is so important to give to the “General Fund” as it is the launching pad for so much of our missionary work and special projects.

B. We promise we will never run this ministry into debt. We do not think it wise to operate a ministry on a burden of debt. If we stay on stations and support missionary efforts, we must raise the funds to do that. We would never allow this ministry to fall into bankruptcy. It would be a black mark on the cause of Christ for any ministry to go under and leave an unpaid debt to someone else. That is why your support means so much to us. We either pay the bills or cutback. We will not do anything that would bring reproach on the name of Christ.

C. We promise to never ask for funds if we do not need it. There are times we must write urgent appeal letters. It is not because we want to. It is always based on our need to. People will not support if they do not know there is a need. We wish that we never had to make an appeal for money. All we can do is tell you when there is a financial burden on the ministry. The rest is in the hands of the Lord.

We can’t answer for others and in no way mean to indict anyone by the publishing of this article. Our intent is pure. Simply, to keep our friends informed of the procedures this ministry follows in our daily operations. I wish that every ministry would strive to be open and honest with those who support them. As a person who supports others, I want to be assured that my gifts are going to touch the lives of others. I feel you deserve the same peace of mind when you send a gift to us. Our goal is to please the Lord in everything we do for Him!

If you or your church would like to have Dr. Calvin Ray Evans or Brian Baer preach in revival, evangelistic meetings or even a special Evangelistic Outreach service, please contact us by e-mail or call us at toll free at 1-800-767-8713.