Evangelistic Outreach Ministries

We are grateful for our volunteers.

Pictured here are just a few of the wonderful volunteers that sacrifice their time to help us spread the Gospel message of Christ. With their help we are able to efficiently mail out materials, such as this publication. To say we cannot make it without them would be an understatement. All of us at Evangelistic Outreach want to humbly thank them for their love and support. Only in Heaven will they know the impact they have made on thousands of lives across the globe.

Maybe you or your church group would like more information about offering your help here at our ministry. You can see that all ages are welcome. For example, the Rubyville Church youth group came during their winter break from school. Each month we have a number or retirees, widows, stay-at-home mothers and even those who take their day off work to help us.

We have several dates available throughout the year! Call now to set up the most convenient time for you or your church group. While you are here, we will give you a tour of our office and provide lunch. You will also enjoy the good fellowship and begin new friendships that will last for eternity. Contact us today by e-mail or call us at toll free at 1-800-767-8713 to become an Evangelistic Outreach Ministries volunteer.

Evangelistic Outreach: Volunteers
We love and appreciate all of our volunteers so much!
Great will be your reward in Heaven!