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About Calvin Ray Evans, Brian Baer and the Board of Evangelistic Outreach

Evangelistic Outreach - Calvin Ray Evans & Brian Baer

Dr. Calvin Ray Evans serves as President and Director of Evangelistic Outreach Ministries. He preached his first sermon in August, 1977. He serves as a pastor and continues to maintain a full-time evangelistic schedule. He has been honored to witness over 100 public professions of faith in a single week of meetings here in America. He has served on a number of missionary and religious boards. He is the father of two children, Tarrah and Caleb, and resides with his precious wife, Kandi, at Rubyville, Ohio.

Brian Baer is the Assistant Director of Evangelistic Outreach. He became full time with Evangelistic Outreach in June, 2001. Brian also serves in the ministry of singing. He is a graduate of the Stamps Baxter School of Music. However, Brian's first calling is to preach and the Lord has blessed him to be able to preach in many different areas. Brian has lived by Romans 8:28, and is living proof of that scripture.

He resides in McDermott, Ohio with his wife, Heather, daughter Abigail and son, Alex. Brian was saved at the age of five at the North Moreland Christian Baptist Church.


Evangelistic Outreach Ministries was incorporated as a religious nonprofit corporation in the state of Ohio on August 1, 1972. The ministry was approved as a tax exempt corporation by the Internal Revenue Service July 25, 1973.

Evangelistic Outreach is an interdenominational organization dedicated to the cause of “reaching the unreached” for Christ through radio, television, literature, revivals, crusades, special missionary projects, feeding hungry children, etc. And further to advance the cause of evangelism and Christian education; to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ; to seek the salvation of souls and to promote, cooperate and fellowship with all such churches and religious bodies having the same general objectives. And to promote Biblical, fundamental Christianity and to exalt the standards of Christian living in the community and to the world.

This religious nonprofit corporation has been blessed to have a faithful and dedicated Board of Directors & Trustees to review and guide all aspects of the ministry. These precious friends volunteer their time and serve without compensation or salary for services they provide as a Board Member. Each having experience in various avenues of ministry, finance and business. Their wealth of wisdom has served to direct the corporation and oversee accountability. They assist the President & Vice President of the ministry in crucial decisions directly effecting the growth and direction of the outreach while providing stewardship oversight.

Current Board Members include:

James Cremeans
Kermit Taylor
David Chamberlin
Donald Chapman
Mark Harner

For many consecutive years now, the ministry has also been a member the National Religious Broadcasters. The corporation adheres to the NRB code of conduct and ethics and remains in good standing.

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NRB Award, 2009